Saturday, 29 March 2014

Wishing A Happy Mothers Day to all those mums ....

I just want to wish all moms, especially my mother, a really beautiful day, this sunday. May they all get spoilt rotten.
I really dont know where I would be with out mine, she is wonderful, such a great support and Inspiration to me,
Thank you soooooooooo much,
I love you Mom !

x x x x x x x

The Rabbits are coming.................................

Coming soon is the Easter bunny, as we all Know, and I have designed a new range of bears, bunnies and kitten jointed toys, I am almost there, and I will publish the babies very soon.

I have managed to update my website and etsy and I have added some pages at the top of my blogg for you and they will be complete very soon. There will be a free patterns page too, which I hope you will enjoy.


Ms Darling xxx

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

a new addition......... and new works underway......

Heres my new additon, little Miss Bunny, her and wolfie and the puglets are getting along wonderfully .

Shes very intelligent, she came to me aged 6 weeks and has only been here a week and is running the place !

Heres a  cute new fellow , I plan to make several smaller bears like this, he can be seen here gathering the easter mohair chicks that are underway....

I am developing an antique style of bear too, a more traditional looking type, still work to be done, but getting there....

Here in the dim evening light they all look on...

I have also been working on orders, most have gone out or are about to very soon, and I thank everyone for being so kind and waiting patiently.

More works and finished items coming soon !



Sunday, 23 March 2014



Today I have made a decision, to try to do things that make me or others happy, as often as possible, and always to have a Happy Sunday. Myself and the children and animals have had a lovely day, despite the weather, and have baked, played board games and done a lot of making.

Heres to happy days, and I hope you have all had one today !

x x x

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Beauty in Simplicity.......

The other day, my daughter Annabelle, found something simply beautiful and I want to share it with you all.  Found  on a walk in the woods, its a priceless little beauty, a walnut husk in the shape of a heart and I really had to photograph it, and I secretly wanted to steal it too ! :)

The only thing missing was Thumbelina herself !

I am settling in my new surroundings and getting back to work, so all outstanding orders are almost there and a few new surprises too, but theres still alot of unpacking to do, but we just do a little everyday and try not to stress , so lets just kick back and enjoy beauty in simplicity whenever we can ...........

                                                                          x x x

Thursday, 6 March 2014

All the fun of the Fayre !

I thought it would be nice to give you a little virtual tour of the recent fayre, the first fayre of the year is always quieter than the others, as people are recovering from christmas, but its important to attend, as it is advertising and reminds folks that you are there. I also find that what you dont take on the day, you take on aftersales.

Saturday was a good day with a steady turn over, and sunday was a quiet affair, not helped by the wet nasty weather. But I was delighted to see that all MY dear friends and family and customers still came out to see us over the weekend.

A very BIG Thank you ! xxx

So here are the artists work......  :)

Heres lovely Amanda Towns creations, she of Sew Vintage . You can find her on facebook, shes such a lovely person and her work reflects that. Below are my favourite bears and bunnnies of hers, such a joy !

lovely Buns.......

She also has branched out into cushions now too !

Here we now have Marcus Holmes pottery, he is tricky to get hold of, but if you message me I can send you his mobile number, so you can deal with him direct.

I especially love and have alot of his floral design, the blue on the cream.....

Oh heres his number now :)   07599421139.... just tell him you saw his work on Deborahs Blogg :)
Below are his vases.

Here we now have Belle and Olive. Suzanne produces a fantastic array of work, all at a very reasonable price.

I especially loved this charm bracelet , with the nests !

She makes wonderful earrings and broaches...

My daughters , love her broaches, you can find her on facebook, or at

I really need to get one of her red riding hood broaches !

We also got to meet Lovely Pauline Purple, whom you can also find on facebook, she brought a lovely array of very cheaply priced haberdashery packs, they were selling like hot cakes !

She also had alot of vintage sparklies withe her too, necklaces and broaches ! There were ooo's and ah's everywhere !

and just look at the vintage lace !

She also specialises in painting these lovely ducks in any design to suit your own collections or decor !

Mother and daughter team were also there, with their lovely pretty makes :)

They are called Rosebuds and Ribbons and are based in Derby, you can also find them on facebook.

They create the prettiest of colour combinations , just like ice cream and certainly good enough to eat.

Isnt it all very beautiful !

and then we have Sara Longmate, shes also available on facebook, she makes wonderful things out of leather, and her stall smells devine too !

I especially like these leather necklaces that she makes...

She also carries a nice range of handmade cards, handbags and hats !

Below we come to my most favourite folks of all :) two very talented sisters.....

First up is Lauren from Whimsical and Curious , you can find her in my blogg list. I have to confess to buying nearly one of everything from their stalls ! lol ! :)

It was all so tempting anf beautifully displayed ......

and yes, pies that were not edible, but I gave one a bite anyway.. ( just to make sure ! )

Heres her clever sister Julia's stall, she of Linen Circus fame, she has a website and is on fb and you can also find her in my blogg list too !

I also had to buy one or more of everything on her stall ! :)

Look at her Dachsies and those easter chicks with a twist !

She and her sister had a combined stall that won the prize for the best display at the fayre, and you can see why.

All very lovely and very well thought out.

These deer heads of Julias are amazing, and one found its way to my wall !?!  :)

These scented keepsake cushions were so vintage and so beautiful.

She also makes these bags with lil ladies attached .

My daughter Annabelle also created a few knitted box sets for the day too !

I couldnt resist one of these cherrie broaches from Lauren at Whimsical and Curious......

and I wanted to wear these glittery shoes !

I had a few toys there, despite being unwell and struggling with a house move, but it was all worth it just to be there for the day.

I especially like my new nelly on a solid meccano base, I try not to look at him too much, else he will not find a new home :) he will go onto etsy soon.

there was some conversation between dog and chuck.........

and the lavendar kitties just sat and looked ahead.....

it was a lovely weekend. As you know I have moved now, and will be doing these shows closer to home, so do keep intouch to findout when the next one is on and where.

I know this is a very long post and thank you for taking the time to read it, but please we must not forget our lovely caterers of the derbyshire fayres Reminiscence Vintage, whom you can also find on facebook, they are truly scrumptious !

Please feel free to email me direct on for any further info on the people featured etc

Have a great day !

love always

Deborah x