Monday, 7 December 2015

Pookashop studio

Here you go, finally I am installed in my studio and back to work.
I decided to decorate the window with my own mannequin that I made :)
I hope you like it.
It's a busy time of the year and we're all so very distracted , but let's take time to help others who aren't so fortunate. This year I I am busy gathering shoe boxes to fill with things, that will be handed out in Bristol.
So do get in touch with your nearest salvation army or shelter and see what you can do, to help the homeless this year. Just sorting out blankets, or helping with the soup kitchen or sending a few pounds, it makes such a difference.
It's going to be a very cold hard winter out there, can you imagine sleeping in it.
Much love to you all , and take good care of yourselves and others

Thursday, 29 October 2015

New Christmas cards

Here's a new selection of my lino cut and printed cards, which are hand finished and painted.

This year I will be donating twenty per cent of all sales of these to the Badgers trust, to help with the immunisation programme.

you can order them mixed designs or all the same or individual, it's up to you, message me via etsy , with your queries.

I hope you like them, speak again soon,
Love Miss D

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

New Art Dolls

Sorry for neglecting my blog, but the new studio has been taking up alot of my time, but it's almost there.
Here are a few newbies I have been working on, they are in the etsy store right now. I must say it's been a real joy going back to doll making , as it is my first love.
I hope everyone is getting ready for Christmas, I shall try to include lots about that soon and more about the homestead , but for now have a lovely autumnal day xXx

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

When I grow up I want to be Tasha Tudor...

I have to say for me, Tasha Tudor is a complete inspiration, the way she lived her life professionally and personally , is a joy.

When I grow up, I want to be just like her !

Theres alot to be learned for all of us from Tasha, those of you who dont yet know about her, really must, she lived in Vermont in her beautiful wooden house, living a good simple quaker style life, working her land and creating her art.

There are many books available, the first one i ever owned was called, Tasha Tudors Garden,  and I recommend you go and treat yourself to one of her many books.

Here she is infront of her home in Vermont.

Always appreciating the good and simple things in life, such beauty !

Living in harmony with animals and nature, working hard.

and keeping herself happy and well, because of it all.

Living this truly good life must of inspired her , helping her to lead a very successful life as an artist.

What a joy she was and such a glorious legacy, thats still alive today for us all to enjoy :)

Next time you have an hour to spare, I suggest you go online and learn all about this great lady :)

Have a great week !

and see you all very soon

x x x

Saturday, 8 August 2015

The Penny Dreadful Bunny Artdoll

Here's my latest art doll that's in etsy now.
The Penny Dreadful Bunny art doll :)
Standing at 21 inches high and on a mahogany plinth, my gothic bunny is dressed in full Victorian style clothing.
She has also been aged, with a special glazing. A paper mache head and a textile body and arms, hopefully you will find her enjoyable and an attractive art piece.
Thanks so much for looking and have a great weekend  :)

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

It's all about the base...

Here's some new work that I have been developing, a paper mache sculpture on a mohogany base.
This one is called, it's all about the base. Dealing with the female form and how body conscious we are. Our vulnerability due to media pressure.
It stands at 12 inches in height and I have really enjoyed making it.
It's a one of a kind piece, that's listed in the etsy shop now and priced to sell.
Enjoy !

Thursday, 23 July 2015

The key keeper....

This little bunny , the key keeper, has just been made by myself and is going to her new home very soon.
I tried really hard for a different kind of face and think she turned out sweet.
Check back tomorrow for lots of new items heading to the etsy shop, I have tried a few different ideas out and would love to know what you think

Monday, 20 July 2015

Painting the face....

Here is a wee blogg post, of painting a dolls face in process.

I hope you find it useful and may feel inspired to try making your own.

Happy Days


Wednesday, 8 July 2015

New dolls in the etsy shop today

Here are a few new dolls , showing in the etsy shop today, I hope they bring a smile to your face.
Have a super day !

Saturday, 4 July 2015

The Case of the Missing Tortoise....

About two weeks ago I noticed a post on Facebook, about an owner who had lost her beloved tortoise. I reposted it a few times , and really hoped they would be reunited.

The tortoise went missing in the St Dogmaels Poppit sands area and had been missing for ten days :(

We often do a very large walk from St dogmaels to poppit, but climb to the highest point and then descend to the sea, it's a hard climb but the view is amazing. It takes two hours there and two hours back. We usually spend about three hours walking the beach and drinking tea :) when we land.

It was on our walk back home, that I noticed something very large moving and I just stared, I couldn't believe it ! My son said what is it and I ran down the lane to gather the creature in my arms, as I knew it was the Missing African tortoise :)

With the help of some lovely local people, I found out who her owner was and where, and we walked to her home. She was a very, very heavy tortoise :)

It was a real joy to reunite her with her delightful owner, who had had her for years.

We felt happy and blessed.

Here is Lara, the runaway tortoise :)


Thursday, 2 July 2015

Susannah, the most beautiful shop in Bath

Recently I had the privilege of visiting the gorgeous shop called Susannah, on Broad street, in the city of Bath.
It is a stunning shop, inspiring and breath takingly beautiful.

A must for all artisans needing to buy original antique fabric, and for collectors of quilts and antique clothes. Also you will find a remarkable array of antique wedding dresses, infact it is textile heaven.
As well as textile beauties and artisan cushions, you will see amazing furniture, like the stunning hand painted antique dressing table.
The shop and business has been going for many years, and Susannah herself was one of the first collectors and dealers specialising in French fabrics, here in the UK. She has a great deal of knowledge and is one of the most loveliest people I have ever met.
I can't wait to visit her again soon and have been making my wish list :)
She even has makers packs full of antique bits of fabrics and quilts for us artists to play with and she is a regular exhibitor at Selvedge.
If you have never been, I urge you to go and send her my love and best wishes.
Here are alot of photos for you to drool over :)
Have a lovely weekend my friends,
Love always

Saturday, 2 May 2015

New things are happening.....

Lots of new makes are coming soon, from bunnies to linen clothes .

Watch this space and check out the etsy shop for a flurry of bunnies, appearing over the next two days.

Have a wonderful weekend and I promise to be blogging much more often.

x x x

Friday, 20 February 2015

Bunnies on tour..

More bunny boys and girls on tour :)
I hope they make you smile.
They are heading off to etsy now, plus there are a few price reductions in store, to help cheer us through February.
Thank you all for supporting me with you views and comments, it means alot :)
Have a great weekend !

Bunny boys on tour...

Bunny girls with their grace kelly style scarves blowing in the breeze....

the boys have neck scarves , to keep off the chill factor...

hold tight we are going around the corner.....