Thursday, 25 June 2009

Online classes

Check this amazing and very reasonably priced online class , working with cloth and paperclay.

My Website is a coming .....

Keep your eyes on this space, my website is a coming !!!

ribbon and wool.

Here is a great idea I want to share with you. Pictured is a cropped cardigan knitted in Debbie Bliss's luxury tweed,--instead of using a traditional button to fasten up I have threaded large ribbon through the kneckline and created a ribbon tie !!! Easy-peasy!! Go on have a go, or if you dont have time email me and i can knit one to order--Happy Knitting!!

Come to the shop !!!

I am now selling fabric as well as yarns etc--so come and see me at the shop--there is plenty of tea and cake t00 !!

Knitted dolls

Have made this glorious doll, that was inspired by Claire Garlands book of knitted babes. She is so lovely--go on buy the book and make your own lovelies !!

Go green!!!

How lucky I am to live here with all this green !! They say green is a healing colour and I agree. How can I not get creative with all this glorious scenery around me---I am truly blessed.

Bunny love !!!

I have a never ending passion for bunnies !!

The appeal of the bunny never dies. These sweet little darlings are made with german mohair, have real glass eyes and vintage material. They are small and cute and make very sweet presents--no two are the same--I never keep a pattern.

Raggedy Anne

After having moved house its been some time since I blogged, but I will be on track from now--as you can see I have updated the blog page , the header including a photo of some of the bunnies I make--I hope you like them. Here is a quick picture of a real sweet raggedy anne that I made , just using a simple face using good old vintage buttons, I hope it gives you some ideas of how the simpliest things can make you smile !!!