Thursday, 15 December 2016

The Joy of Making.....

I am so lucky to do what I do and so grateful to my mother and grandmother, for such creative support and inspiration in my early years and now so grateful to all my customers and people who love and support my work.

Today I received these beautiful photos of a special little ladies face, as she opened up a parcel with one of my dolls inside :)

I am so blessed and always cherish such joyful feedback.

Thankyou so much to everyone !


Monday, 31 October 2016

Workshops for Christmas

Just a quick note to say that I have a few workshops running constantly, great for a Christmas present , or for yourself before 2017.
There is a choice available from learning to cut a lino print and make your own cards, to making a huge folk art Santa doll, or dollmaking of your choice of style, also journal making, these can be one to one, or in a group, just email me at for more info and how to book.
If buying for a gift, a card and presentation package will be sent to give your loved one, and they can set the date, when suits them to attend afterwards .

Happy Halloween

Sorry for my absence this year on the blogger , but I have been so busy working and making things happen.
I hope you have all had a wonderful year so far, and have time to enjoy it with those around you,
Happy Halloween
X x x x x x x x x x X

Monday, 22 August 2016

The tale of the beaded wedding dress...

Recently I offered to make a wedding dress as a gift, to some friends of mine who were getting married. Their original dress maker wasn't able to do it, so I offered to help.

The dress was made using fabric from the bride's sisters old gown, so I set to work on designing a classic vintage style gown that the bride wanted.

The hardest part was all the beading and the dress was quite heavy when completed, but it really did look a treat.

Sometimes it's good to push yourself to tight deadlines, especially when it makes people so very happy :)

We really are the Lucky ones !


Sunday, 7 August 2016

Rufus the field mouse

A very dear friend of mine discovered he had a little field mouse living in the old aga in his kitchen. We think the mouse was a survivor that the cat had brought in.

Here is a lovely little film about that mouse that we decided to call Rufus :)



Thursday, 7 July 2016

An Elderflower evening.....

What a treat . An evening at the Small World Theatre ,  about elder flowers.
It began with a meet and great at the theatre,  we were introduced to the beautiful expert forager, Jade Mellor, artisan brewer and artist Jacob Whittaker, and renown storyteller and illustrator Peter Stephenson.
We then continued with a walk and forage around Cardigan . Where Jade would stop and gather many types of wild foraged food and explain their uses and how to identify them, accompanied by Jacobs expertise.
 Peter would tell many dazzling stories about the history, magic and superstitions of the
Elder flower.
Plus we were spoilt with Jacobs knowledge and tips on brewing, wine making and plants to use around Cardigan. Jacobs cat Beauty even decided to make a guest appearance, giving the evening another dash of magic !
After the walk, talk, foraging, stories and lovely advice, everyone headed back to the theatres professional kitchen, where all helped make elderflower champagne, with the lovely Jade. We were given one of her beautiful decorative recipe sheets to take home , to make more :) and a bottle of the good stuff itself.
You may recognise Jade as she has featured twice in Country Living magazine and also on Country file, on the tv.
Jacob dazzled us with his elderflower sweets, that is, chocolate coated elderflower brittles, both white and dark, and another delicious nutty one. He showed us what really alcoholic elderflower champagne tasted like, plus gin , beer, and ale too !!
Lots of questions were asked by all who attended and answers were very generously given by Jade, Jacob and Peter. The evening was attended by different ages and abilities and I wouldn't hesitate at recommending it again to anyone .
A truly scrumptious event ! A thouroughly beautiful evening , thank you so much !

The last knit animation

Sunday, 5 June 2016

The scent of summer....

It's been a busy and exciting year, but a lovely one. I am getting back to my blogging, finally, and what a glorious summer we are having. The heavy scent of the white lilacs , roses and mock orange blossom are alll around us.
Long may it continue :)
I am gardening like a mad thing and making fancy gins, what are you all up to ?

Sunday, 31 January 2016

Teddy needs his rubber duckie....

Here in Wales we have had alot of rain, twelve weeks of it to be precise, so I only thought it fitting to make a woollen bear in his bathing suit. Well you would, wouldn't you :)
But Barnaby will not put a paw in the water with out his rubber duckie bathing ring ...
So grab your duckies and Woollie swimsuits now and head for water !
Or alternatively pop over to etsy and have a good look at him.


Today I have been making wigs, hopefully this doll will be complete and listed tomorrow :)
Keep warm and cosy lovelies

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Day of the dead doll

Here's Dessie,
my day of the dead doll, now available in the etsy shop.
She's a hand painted , one of a kind art doll and is a good size :)
I hope you enjoy looking at her,
Have a wonderful week

Sunday, 3 January 2016

Happy New Year from Darling Hq

Merry Christmas and here's to a super 2016 for us all.
Just a glimpse of a few of the goings on this Christmas and a promise to get back to blogging more for 2016,
I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and a perfect new year !
Thank you all for your help and support, I really do appreciate it