Monday, 15 December 2014

Dachsies on Wheels in the shop....... and more!

Ok Lovelies heres the latest in the etsy shop, a rather nice White christmas dachsie on wheels called Crystal....

Quite a posh pooch !!

I like the tiny bells for berries on her collar...

then theres wee Boots, hes a rascal, dashing here and there !

Here we have Sooty, hes a lovely Dachsie, but he does like to roll in the mud, so be warned !

Next is Tiddles, the terrier.....

Theres nothing he wont do for a biscuit !

Did someone say biscuit ?????

I dont Tiddle any more, only when I was a wee pup :)

finally I added some rather nice dachsie bunting, but I can make whatever you desire into bunting !

next will be bunnies and bears later in the week !


x x x

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Christmas time at darling H.Q.......

Its all very headless chicken time here, but I thought you might like to see the homestead , with the decks up :

here we have the little prim bird tree, that sits in the kitchen ......

then theres the tall slender artifical tree , that houses our vintage glass bauble collection--Mr Finn did this tree, I was most impressed--I didnt have to change a thing !

mostly vintage , with a little bit of the new....

its hiding the wall clock, but space is a little tight in our cottage, but cosie :)

blackberry and white chocolate muffins to eat ( I needed space in the freezer, so it was a nice make with the blackberries )

Our lovely town of Cardigan.......

the real tree in the dinning room , smelling of pine and holding home made decorations....
Dottie-May, dressed this tree and very nice too !

and my ingle nook, showing my stencils for the windows .....

fingers crossed we get everything done in time,

hugs and squeezes to you all,
Miss D
x X x

Monday, 8 December 2014

Two new mohair christmas crackers.....

Heres two more new entries to the etsy shop, just in time for christmas

The very sweet Cheryl the chick....

and the very naughty Robin, stumbling home from the office christmas party......

I hope you find them fun and joyful, they are priced to sell like all my items, following my code of affordable art.
I will be back soon, with more lil people and photos of the homestead at christmas :)
hugs and love,
Miss Darling

New things in the etsy shop .....

So sorry for blog absence, but I have alot of internet connection problems and I am so busy making, as I expect you all are.

Heres a few nice affordable toys in the etsy shop now...
we have...

The gossiping sister bird dolls......

Syril the snail.....

a sweet sewing bird.........

and a lovely soft fine corduroy whale...

I will also be listing a couple of new wee mohair critters too, but more on that very soon :)


Monday, 24 November 2014

Mr Buns...

Heres the latest bunny, Mr Buns, in the etsy shop now, lots of others to follow soon :)

Will try to load more later today :)

I am also trying to make christmas presents for loved ones, eek !!!

Its not long to go !!

Happy Days

Sunday, 23 November 2014

New things are christmas gets closer.....

There are some new bunnies and bears coming, some large and some small.....

There have been beach walks with my Miss Bunny.... here she is checking out her reflection....

Gentle conversation , between little man and his dog....

and the endless production lines drying on the drawers of the old chemists drawers.....

lots of new things coming, so watch this space  :)

Happy Days

Miss D

x x x x

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Moonie bean folkart...

Today I want to talk about a friends work, over at Moonie Bean folkart.

I love everything that Debra does and she makes a wide variety of beautiful things.

Look at this gorgeous wee duck broach, it is one of my most treasured things.

and here is one of her art dolls, I am also very lucky to own this special lady.

Do pop over to Debra's blog and see what she does, she is a very generous maker , always sharing process's and ideas, she will be a real high light to your blog reading list.

Here is where you can find her

Happy Reading !


Monday, 17 November 2014

A little bit of monkey business.....

Just a little bit of affordable stocking fillers added to the etsy shop today, all filled with lovely lavendar, to keep the moths at bay :)

A bit of monkey business, hes a good size this chappy, a nice wee gift, that wont brake the bank.

And the popular wee kitties....

and the trusty puglets too...

My favourite though is this large dressmakers or needle woman pin cushion, competitively priced at 10 pounds..

lots more affordable gifts coming very soon !

Hugs and squeezes to you all

Miss D


Saturday, 15 November 2014

Batten down the hatches !!!

Well goodness me, I must not grumble, but my chucks will !!

We have had some terrible weather here, and rain for nearly three weeks solid and lots of wind and gales.
My sweet pekin chickens have really been through the mill a bit, so I thought it would be a good idea to spruce up the ark and move it to a fresh spot.

So I decided first to place the ten wee angels into a dog crate, as you can see Kitty helped out by keeping an eye on them whilst I got on with the work :)

I managed to drag the ark to a better spot and gave it a quick paint of pink to cheer us all up a bit. As you can see Henny Penny and buffy really liked what I had done with the place.

Cocky Locky, gave it a good strutt around too ......

Henny looked dazzled by it all......

Shaggy , was most impressed with his nicer surroundings....

Pepper, wanted to get really close to say thank you.

A meeting was called , and it was agreed....they were very happy indeed !

and to celebrate, they laid me an egg.

they also displayed some acrobatics, for my enjoyment.

I have to say they are the sweetest lil creatures I ever knew, I had them from a few days old and they wont be one till february, but despite this cold and wet spell they still manage to squeeze out the occassional egg or two. Bless their little souls and hopefully now they wont blow off to Oz.

By the way, if you would like to own some lovely Pekin chickens, and are in the uk, then do contact the lovely Josh on 07837185112, and he can post some sweet babies out to you.

I have owned a few different breeds over the years, but I can honestly say that the pekin chicken has the sweetest nature and is so friendly and productive. They are easy to handle and lay small eggs, but have the same size yolk as a large egg.

They are a joy !!

x x x