Monday, 30 September 2013

Talking to the Trees..............

As Autumn falls gently upon us, I thought it was about time to share my favourite tree with you. I see him everyday on my doggy walks and cant help but say hello to him, as you can see he has a down turned mouth, but one day I plan to climb him and find a ticklish spot underneath one of his branches ;)

Needless to say he is a special tree full of wisdom and deep thoughts, so he is worth talking too.

So dont be afraid to have a conversation with a tree, I find it most satisfying, and later on in this season we will be blessed with oceans of leaves, so deep that we can swim in them .....

Happy Autumn walks to you all !!!

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Beauty has no age to it.......

I found this incredible image of an extremely beautiful old lady wearing a traditional stick hat, that is part of her national folk costume. I think she and her hat are a complete delight and totally and utterly beautiful .

A thing of beauty, is a joy forever, its loveliness increases ~~~ William Shakespeare 

Saturday, 28 September 2013

new Daschie broaches......

Heres my new Dachsie broach, the first in a new series of toys on wheels, in etsy soon   :)

For the Love Of Dog ................

Heres the new assistant at Darling HQ, its Mr Wolfie, hes doing very well and is loved by all who meet him, even the pugs love him too, Mr Pecan and him enjoy regular romps along the river and rolling in dead pigeon together :) say no more :)

Snails for sale ........

Here we have my latest design snails, yes I know they are not the norm, but I wanted to make a fun, tactile and cheaper priced toy for smaller children in mind, although alot of adults have fallen for these too !
The are also available in green :)
They will be added to etsy soon.

Steve Handley Dresser Top wiv toys on top

I thought you all might like to see the dresser top of my Steve Handley dresser, that I took to my last show, with a few of my toys on, this was very kindly taken by Rosie, of Rosie made a ting. It wasnt fully stocked at this point but I think you can all agree that the toys and the dresser made a lovely team ,
thank you Steve x

Thursday, 5 September 2013

All the Fun of the Fayre !!!

I do hope that you can join us at this great event with really fabulous people, do show your support and turn up and buy british hand made art and crafts ---

lets support our artisans and also have a great day out and ofcourse its FREE entry too !!

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Workshop to make Buster Bunny.....

Back on track with the workshops, so you can do a WORKSHOP in the derbyshire area and learn to make Buster ! Plus I will supply lashings of tea and cake throughout the day and spoil you rotten  the spaces are limited, the cost of the workshop is £45 and thats from 10 am till 4pm--- only ten spaces available --so get your socks on !!

Also the Queen Anne workshops are back on and you will be receiving your emails about that shortly :)