Wednesday, 31 July 2013

and the winner is...........

Thank you all for following me on my various social networks, I really do appreciate it so very much, but this months winner of one of my red bears is the  enchanted blue planet, congratulations to you sweetheart !!
Please message me on with your address, so that I can get the handsome young bear posted out to you.

Please dont despair as I am already preparing a beautiful crafty bundle to give away in august, so watch this space, thank you all for your support and interest in what I do and love, love always Miss Darling xxx

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Make a bug house for the children.........................and the bugs !

I was really inspired by this handmade bughouse that I saw at Hidcote Manor gardens the other day, and am making my own with the children today.

A simple construction of chopped down pallets, stacked on top of each other, then filled with pipes, tubes, and bits and bobs, all encouraging friendly foe into the garden, and a beautiful decorative item to !!

I shall report what we create later ! :)

So dont delay, make one today !!

Monday, 29 July 2013

Give away time ........ announcing the winner of a bear tommorrow !!!

The finishing line is in sight !!!

Yes you might win a lovely Big Red fishing bear, all you need to do is to be following my facebook Deborah Darling Artist page ( the link is on the side ) or following me on here via blogger.

I promise to pop you all in the hat and anounce the winner tommorrow night, so if you would like a chance of winning him, sign up. Fingers crossed for you all, I wish I had a bear to give each and everyone of you !

Love and thanks

Miss Darling xxx

Hidcote Manor Gardens Sea Holly.................

I visited my lovely eldest daughter recently at Hidcote Manor gardens and was most impressed with the wonderful Sea Holly there and the way it attracted the bees..........

I have never seen so many beautiful varieties, and the colour too, but the way they attracted my favourites -the bees, was very inspirational. I love these plants so much, as their beauty isnt just summer long, they are equally stunning in the winter when they provide much needed variety and architecture in the garden.

Look at this feathery version below, I am totally hooked after my visit and am now planning on having some of my own. Definately one to put on the wants list for the garden !!

  .................................. Enjoy !!!! .........................................

Friday, 19 July 2013

Angus and Julia Stone - And The Boys [Official Music Video]

The most rewarding thing of all................ the little people

During my career in art I have done many things and climbed various ladders, but nothing has been anyway near as rewarding as teaching a class of children in a Derbyshire school recently.

The children were of mixed abilities and I was particularly impressed with the children, with learning difficulties. Their work was very impressive, also the different approaches and teaching techniques for each individual child I really enjoyed very much.

Those of you who know me personally will know that I home educate my children, but am very fond of the Steiner approach to education, however this particular school, in Derbyshire is a real  gem of a school and a credit to the system. A team of wonderful caring staff, helping all the children, every step of the way.

Above you can see the children all working hard and my lovely assistant Andri. The aim was to help the children create an articulated character for them to animate, with stop motion photography.

Firstly I began with encouraging the children to draw their chosen character, then we moved on to creating a paper pattern, then an armature from pipe cleaners and wrapping it with newspaper, till desired depth, then stitching fabric over the top.

Here is a charming design below..

I love the free and expressive way children just get on with it, no fussing, pure creative energy.

and here we have the teachers pet, holding his pet :) , prior to the sewing.

I wish to thank all the staff and the children at that school for giving me so much joy and inspiration, its the most wonderful thing I have ever done and I look very forward to working with them again, in the near future, thank you all from the bottom of my heart    

Twit tawooooooooo !!!

Here we have my latest creation, I have made a massive series of owls with bonnets.......

yes, its a bit bonkers, but it works......

I get often inspired by actual photographs of animals and I remember seeing a real photo of a little owl in a knitted bonnet and that was it !

I was off on another creative tangent !

He certainly moves around alot though.....

But he will be appearing in etsy soon, but please feel free to email me with any commissions, or if you are interested in larger owls.

Its been hard to sew in the heat, but nice to read and paint in. I find I get all my sewing and knitting done in the cool evenings, ( I am secretly hoping for rain !! )
But until then, enjoy, love always xxxx

Friday, 5 July 2013

Give thanks to mother nature......

Today I am reflecting and giving thanks to mother nature and all her beautiful bounty that we sometimes take for granted,

Lots of reflection for me over this past month, a time for changes and developement, a constant circle of movement.....

Choose the right path for yourself in all that you do, to help you be well and whole in all you do, to re-energise and be happy.

There is always beauty out there, if you look for it----have a great weekend filled with summer blessings xxx