Monday, 30 September 2019

A dash of Halloween .....

I thought I would make a couple of dolls for Halloween, so the Bride of Frankenstein was born.

Then lil Pumpkin head too....

These were fun to make , plus I gave them wobbly heads too.

Most folks in the U.K. buy their Halloween décor from the highstreet so I expect these chaps will end up in the U.S.A. a big thankyou to my customers out there, always xxx

Sunday, 22 September 2019

Homes for my creations....

Its always nice to see my puppets in their new homes, heres one of my puppets whos now living with the pretty Vivian in New York.

I hope you both have lots of fun together and thanks for supporting me


Friday, 20 September 2019

Daughter number two.......

I thought it would be nice to promote my childrens work, all making it in the real world, so first of all, heres Annabelles work.

As you can see she works in a range of mediums with a strong folk art feel, all one of a kind pieces, ( Im so proud of her ! )

Shes a fab painter, but she also has a great feel for sculpting too.

She also does commissions.

Her work has found homes in lots of places. Shes been selling her art, since she was little and went on to do a degree in fine art.

Just lately shes been sculpting a lot of one of a kind, pots, for your favourite plants.

If you would like to find out more or you want to support her and her work, you can find her on facebook as Annabelle Aston Art or on instagram as art.annabelle.

Thanks for looking, I hope you like her work as much as I do xxx

Monday, 16 September 2019

Little Santas.....

 Yep its the c word, its that time of year when all us makers go a tinsy bit bonkers trying to keep up with it all.

So as usual I am making for Christmas and people are buying and ordering already !

These wee fellows stand at 10 inches in height.

Ive really enjoyed making them and watching their personalities develop :)

One of them is a tad more serious than the other one, hes obviously got more deliveries to do, lol.

 Im just finishing off a very large one now, but Ive managed to get these two into the shop.

I will be making a few pumpkin and witch dolls for Halloween very soon too, so that will be a fun change,

Have a super week !!


Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Hartley Hare flies again...

Another of my Hartley Hare style puppets flew off to New York earlier this week, I never tire of making them.

They are large with arms and legs, and an awful lot of hand sewing. But I can also stuff them and make them as a collectors toy rather than a puppet, which does make them cheaper.

As a puppet he is fully lined and a lot of work goes into the innards of him, so to speak.

But I really love making him.

If you want one of these making for  someone for Christmas then do place your order now as I wont have time to make him otherwise.

Also payment plan is available , just get in touch via my etsy shop.

Happy Puppeteering !


Monday, 9 September 2019

Lavendar Bags....

Tis the season of the moth...…. so I thought I would make some lavender bags to help.

Ive always made these, printed up old photos to do so, those of you who were with me in the beginning will remember, and if you ever come to see me at shows, I usually have a nice selection,

I rather like this grumpy welsh lady though, you can get one in my etsy shop, but I also give one away free with any of my welsh dolls that are purchased.

Keep those moths away !! lol.

Happy September


Wednesday, 4 September 2019

Emily, the welsh folk art doll

Here is Emily,shes another very tall folk art doll that Ive made and shes in the shop now.

Shes got a different face to the others, sometimes its nice to change styles and stitches.

All materials are welsh again, but in particular I love the fabric for her dress , which was taken from an antique welsh wool skirt, the pink is really lovely.

Shes also wearing the traditional Betgwn  welsh jacket, which I really enjoyed making.

Folk art dolls are a real favourite of mine, and theres more in the wings waiting to be finished, but a few sculptures should make their appearance next week too.

I work on a great many things at once, just to insure a steady flow of stock.

Happy stitching everyone !