Thursday, 17 January 2013

The Queen Anne Doll makers workshop 2012

Calling all , this is the last call for payments and bookings on my two day workshop, nestled in the forest of dean, if I dont hear from you, then I will presume you no longer wish to do the course and offer it to others. Its a busy year this year for me, with fairs and the museum- so I need to make sure I am prepared and organised, just like a boy scout, for all ! :)))

Its a two day workshop on the 15th and 16th of June 2013, starting at 10am and working throughout the day, with oodles of tea and cake and biscuits to sustain us, plus a super good lunch, laid on by me.
All taking place, in the beautiful Tinchapel itself. On both the saturday and sunday, either travel each day, or book into super good local accomodation ( please let me know if you need help with this .)

You will learn how to make a Queen Anne style doll, you will be given a pre sewn and stuffed doll body, and you will learn to sculpt over this in paperclay, paint the doll, attach arms and legs and dress her in a vintage style.

We will use alot of photos etc , that I have gathered during my residency at the museum of childhood.

Please email me for details of payment etc and if you would like to book, and directions . I accept paypal and bank transfer--my email addy is

Once I receive clear payment, I can send you your special pack and welcome you aboard.

Happy Days !! Happy Stitching !!

Debs xxx

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Its Proving Difficult to get on to the P.C.......

I have another free and straight forward knitting pattern for a chunky mans or boys or ladies beanie chunky hat, that takes one hour to knit , and one ball of wool. I shall be adding it later tonight, however thats if I can shift Jacqueline, our Kitty.

She has taken to dominating the laptop.......  when she arrived , as a kitten last year, she pretended to be a boy, and later we discovered she was a girl. Yes a proper Orlando of a kitty........ she rufuses to budge---she likes to hug the pc and look at facebook

--the only way to get her off it, is to give her, her a piggy to cuddle !!

What a cat !!

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Free Pattern for Total Nutters Knitted Headband !

This head band is for the insane crafters amongst us only, who dont mind what we look like :) not advised for the faint of heart ....


AND YOUR FINGERS TO FINGER CROCHET THE BONKERS FLOWER--in a bonkers way ofcourse ! OR A 10mm or 15MM CROCHET HOOK--WHATEVER IS TO HAND.....a small child or a spare fairy might do the trick.......


This warming head band takes less than an hour to make, so stand well back and light the touch paper......

With 15mm needles cast on 6 sts.
rib 4 rows, 9 thats knit 1 , Purl 1 )
then on the next row increase 1 stitch at each end of row (and continue in rib )and continue increasing one stitch at each end of every second row until you have 14sts--but all the time keeping the rib pattern correct.

Now work straight for 5 more rows in rib,( thats no increasing ! )

then dec one stitch at each end of next row ( 12 sts)
and continue in rib --decreasing one stitch at each end of every second row until you have 6 sts left,
rib four rows straight
and cast off.

pop it around your head to check for fit and sew up accordingly with an over stitch :)


for the bonkers-almost cabbage like flower, I  finger crocheted, but you could happily use a 15mm crochet hook or near to that, a 10 mm hook would do, used loosely.

make a chain of about forty and treble in to each, cast off.
then spiral around into the desired shap and stitch onto head band in the desired place.

Please Note--

This pattern is for fun , so let your creative minds flow and be free with it--share it, make things, sell things , do what you want to, but most of all be happy and have fun !!

love and hugs always xXx

Friday, 11 January 2013

feel good factor 1000000000 !!!

This is the most fabulous thing I ever saw, such a lovely thing to do. I wish we all had the courage to really show how much we love our loved ones, sometimes. This is a great inspiration to us all

enjoy !!

Monday, 7 January 2013

Peg Dolly Time.........

Just making peg dollies with the kids, we seem to do this alot !! lol ! But its such good fun and simple too. So I thought I would post this image of the most gorgeous peg dolly face that I ever saw, from the museum of childhood, isnt she a beauty !
plus I have a giveaway for you all later on today, a free knitting pattern, for a chunky head wrap--so keep posted ! xxx

Friday, 4 January 2013

and the winner is.......................

and this giveaways winner is Julie Quinn Taylor !!! So please contact me on facebook with your address honey so that I can get the three gals posted, and here they are waiting for their new mommie  :0)
and dont worry I shall be doing another bunny give a way at the end  of january-- to get us in the mood for easterzzzzz, so now its one last look at the beautiful mr spock below and away to my nest, nighty night !!

beam me up spocky !!!!

lovely Miss Clara

I found this on a friends blogg , crazyjanedesigns and I was smitten with it,the dolls and miss clara--- even more a reason for me to make my dolls in france one day..... But also it has inspired me to make a little video all about my little making world for all to this space in the year ahead........

Thursday, 3 January 2013

catching up on the Give a way !!!

Ok, tomorrow evening, I am conducting a special give a way of three dolls together--sisters infact, so all of you who are not following me in blogger, need to do this in order to be in the draw, as thats the only place I can see you, so its fingers crossed and lots of longing looks at Mr Spock, whom I have always rather loved and eyes down for a full house !! I wish you all the best of luck and thank you for always being there, so supportive and full of inspiration, all my love and squeezes !

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

The Spoon from simplicity.....

Heres a sweet and unusual little spoon doll, shes victorian, with lovely clothing and she is made from an old spoon, just proving that children and mothers, will ,and can, make a doll out of anything. I think shes rather beautiful and so unusual, that I just had to share her with you :)
Shes another hidden treasure from the Museum of Childhood...................... :)

Casiotone for the Painfully Alone - White Corolla

I love Julias animation and characters---deep joy !!!

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Reflection...... a regency style xmas at Sudbury Hall and the museum of childhood.

 As its the new year, I was just sorting out the images and photos that I had taken on my pc and found these super ones of Sudbury Halls Christmas in the regency style and thought that you all might enjoy seeing them, so here goes.

Above and below are the dinning room, all laid out in its finery, including a white sugar paste nativity scene, that has been part of a tradition at sudbury, for generations. Its wonderful that it can still be seen every xmas and that it is made by faithful volunteers. Its far too beautiful to eat !
 Even the candles are lovely, and to those of you who have never visited the hall, I do urge you to do so, as I have visited many national trust properties and this one is absolutely beautiful and although not so large as others, it definately is very ornate and feminine, and very well loved. ( I am so lucky to have my residency there ! )
 Here is the large fireplace, with regency style festivity. This fireplace is MASSIVE ! Although it doesnt seem so in the above photograph, but you have a better idea when you look at the photo below, as to scale. But what I can say is that most of us would only reach our heads to the top of the fire opening, no way near the mantle, by a few feet !
 Isnt that table gorgeous with its floral display, and heavenly scented too !!
You can just see its ice cream pink walls  of the room, and the ornate fire grate and the huge brass fire dogs.
 The staircase at sudbury, is a rare and dazzling creature, every step a heavenly experience-- and so are the ceilings. Heavily iced with stunning mouldings  that frame the beautiful artwork within. ( I promise to take more photos of the staircase in spring, as there is so much beauty there that must be seen )
 Another fireplace, with its elaborate mantle clock and mirror and ofcourse mouldings, its beauty enhanced by the scented citrus fruits and evergreen delight, of the floral displays...
 I love how this photograph turned out, just like a painting. This was taken in the music room, where even the piano is treated to a gem of red and white roses for the festive time of year.
 Here is the cast iron range, in the kitchen where the servants had there christmas, and as you can see the family of sudbury were kind to their workers and treated them to the same finery and joy, as they themselves appreciated.
 I absolutely love the table full of sweets, and how it is laid out .

Here is a table there too, full of cold meats, game, pate, eggs, ham and pies......
and I really want that pine table, with handy storage underneath !!!
All in all, it must of been a well loved family home, as there seems to be plenty of heart within these walls of Sudbury :)