Friday 29 September 2023

The dogs on wheels are back !

 I thought it would be fun to revisit some of my old designs and re work them, bring them up to date.

So I decided to start with my dachsies on wheels, here they are and I hope they make you smile. I used to make these alot but stopped about 9 years ago, so its been fun to make them again.

I am now working on some elephant and monkey designs that I used to make. These two dogs sold very quickly, but I am making them to order as they are proving popular.

We have had some difficult weather here in Wales, so I am hoping that you are all safe and well during all these storms,

love and light

Debs and co xxx

Wednesday 20 September 2023


Well lots of new designs entering the shop lately, one of them is the irish wolf hound pups, these have turned out well and I have sold a lot already, so I will be keeping this design for a while.

Its my plan to create lots of new items and retire a few of the old ones for now. As it keeps it more interesting for me and also for my collectors. I think its something I will keep doing.

Its my intention to dedicate more time to fine art sculpture and painting next year , as well as running the shop, so watch this space. As I will update you as it happens.

 I hope everyone is dry its been awful weather here in Wales and alot more rain and flooding next week, so wellingtons at the ready !

Much love and hugs to all an happy days ! xxx

Wednesday 13 September 2023

Hello Autumn

 I decided to create some new characters for the etsy shop, so I embraced autumn and all the busy mice I have spotted in the fields near my cottage.

So the welsh harvest mice were born, each is holding and gathering goodness. I hope you like them too and that they make you smile. I really enjoyed creating them, and they will be a regular in the shop from now on.

I hope autumn is shining down on you, its certainly lovely here in Wales, take care and I will be posting soon, with something else xxx

Friday 1 September 2023

Hello Autumn, new works, new life...

 Hello friends, its been a while since I posted and a hard year , but I feel like I have come out the other side and can now make posts again. So a quick catch up is in order.

This July I welcomed my beautiful grandson Merlyn, this has been a life changing joy for me and one I cannot put into words, but what a blessing he is. Here he is smiling at his nanny, aged just 5 weeks.

His arrival has given me the impetus to create new things again, here is the new prim nativity set I have designed and made with welsh fabrics. My plan is too completely overhaul the shop with new lines.

Lots more new makes to come soon and regular posts. Wishing everyone a beautiful Autumn,

speak soon xxx

Friday 17 March 2023



Last year I sadly lost my baby sister in very tragic circumstances, she left behind 7 children and grandchildren. It has broken our hearts, and its for that reason that I stepped away from social media for a break.

As you can imagine there isn't a day goes by that I don't miss her.

I'm sending love to all and all yours, treasure each moment as you never know when its your last.

Take joy ! 


Tuesday 19 July 2022

Cecilia Payne

 Since her death in 1979, the woman who discovered what the universe is made of has not so much as received a memorial plaque. Her newspaper obituaries do not mention her greatest discovery. […] Every high school student knows that Isaac Newton discovered gravity, that Charles Darwin discovered evolution, and that Albert Einstein discovered the relativity of time. But when it comes to the composition of our universe, the textbooks simply say that the most abundant atom in the universe is hydrogen. And no one ever wonders how we know.❞ — Jeremy Knowles, discussing the complete lack of recognition Cecilia Payne gets, even today, for her revolutionary discovery. (via alliterate)

• Cecilia Payne’s mother refused to spend money on her college education, so she won a scholarship to Cambridge.
• Cecilia Payne completed her studies, but Cambridge wouldn’t give her a degree because she was a woman, so she said to heck with that and moved to the United States to work at Harvard.
• Cecilia Payne was the first person ever to earn a Ph.D. in astronomy from Radcliffe College, with what Otto Strauve called “the most brilliant Ph.D. thesis ever written in astronomy.”
• Not only did Cecilia Payne discover what the universe is made of, she also discovered what the sun is made of (Henry Norris Russell, a fellow astronomer, is usually given credit for discovering that the sun’s composition is different from the Earth’s, but he came to his conclusions four years later than Payne — after telling her not to publish).
• Cecilia Payne is the reason we know basically anything about variable stars (stars whose brightness as seen from earth fluctuates). Literally every other study on variable stars is based on her work.
• Cecilia Payne was the first woman to be promoted to full professor from within Harvard, and is often credited with breaking the glass ceiling for women in the Harvard science department and in astronomy, as well as inspiring entire generations of women to take up science.
• Cecilia Payne is awesome and everyone should know her.
(OP: Matthew Gardner)

Monday 23 May 2022

the crisis

 It breaks my heart to see so many suffering right now, be it through poverty, war, abuse, global warming, nearly everyone, everywhere is suffering in some way.

We are all trying to hold faith and survive through it all. Ive found it so overwhelming at times, but have found my art and daily walks and routines have helped me through. 

We all hoped, after covid, this would be our year finally to move forwards and sadly its not. This year is about coping and hoping.

So with that in mind, I urge you to find a small patch of time every day to create or just walk outside, love your partner, children and pat your dog or pet. 

If it werent for those kind of  things, I would not of been able to cope. Lets enjoy our summer, grow some food if you can and breathe. This winter is going to be very hard, for alot of people.

So heres to being grateful for now and doing what we can, when we can, have a blessed Monday folks xxx

Friday 8 April 2022

Getting ready for Easter 2022

I love easter, its the time when things start to grow and help us feel happier. Especially important right now with all thats going on, what a mess the world is right now.

In the above photo you can see a marvellous hare riding a chick, this was made by my dear friend at Cotton Spun Treasures, you can find her on etsy and instagram. Do check her out, her work will really make you smile.

Ive been making the usual mohair chicks and working steadily on a great many rabbits, which I hope to list this weekend.

Waldo, (himself, below.)

Mostly thinks of carrots and more sunshine. We had a great spell of heat last month here in Wales, which was a delightful shock, but back to mormal freezing for the time being, roll on May we both say !

Ive been busy in the garden, but due to freezing weather, I will not be putting the sweet peas outside yet, Monty Don.

Penny, my glorious , dutch pekin hen turned 13, how blessed are we to still have this little magical. forceful creature  in our lives, she has grown up with my son. If anyone desrves to live forever , she does !

Rabbits and foxes , in progress on the worktable today. I am so grateful for all my customers, especially now, during our recession in the UK.

Wishing you all a peaceful weekend, with hopes of better times and weather. xxx

Tuesday 1 March 2022

The Ukraine on St Davids Day ...


As we celebrate St Davids day, can I urge people to donate food , for the Ukraines, to their nearest collection point. You only have to go onto Facebook to find them. Food is a priority, they have nothing to eat. Tins yes, but flour yeast, dried foods, make sure they are well packed, and if you can box them up, and mark the box food, or dried food etc. This will help the people travelling to the borders, and save them time. Please give what you can, we are so lucky at the moment, but this could be us suffering. It is your time to help, no matter how small xxxxxxxxxxx

Saturday 1 January 2022

Happy 2022 !!


Wishing everyone a happy 2022, may it be a good one, filled with joy and positivity xxx

Sunday 5 December 2021

New Christmas makes in the shop

I know many people are struggling here, especially with the increase in heating bills, so Ive tried to add a lot of cheaper items to my shop this year and not concentrate on the expensive things. So that everyone can find something cheap, but high quality and full of cheer.
Im still offering free uk postage and I am still happy to send direct to a loved one and gift wrapped, at no extra cost.
I am hoping you are all safe and well and that Covid 19 isnt affecting you this December, although I know many people who are struggling with ill health again.
Heres to much better days next year and hopefully the end to all this terrible illness. Im wishing you all, love and light for 2022 xxx


Saturday 30 October 2021

Well, Hello World !!

 Im so sorry , but its taken over a year to get signed back in to my Blogg.

For some reason it wouldnt let me sign in, but I kept trying and finally today, over a year later , I am back in.

I promise to offer lots of exciting news, patterns and recipes on here, making it even better than before.

I just want to send my love to all who follow me and hope you have all managed through these difficult times. Ive been so lucky that my online sales have kept me going and my little friend Waldo, the donkey, has kept me smiling !

Wednesday 30 December 2020

What a year its been !!

 Oh my word, what a roller coaster year its been, full of all sorts of rather depressing stuff.

I dont think its been easy for any one of us and it has left us all rather low and basically its stolen our year from us.

So, heres to 2021, may it be everyones year, a happy one, filled with promise and sunshine.

Heres my little Waldo, hes helped me get through this year, by making myself and everyone who sees him on instagram smile, no matter what.

Thank you Waldo and thank you to all my online friends and customers, I wouldnt be here without you,

lots of love to you all and wishing everyone a much better 2021 than this year .


Tuesday 18 August 2020

Somebody new is at Darling HQ

 Im sorry I havent been blogging but I have a new person at Darling Hq, whos needing lots of attention,

can you guess what he is ???

Friday 26 June 2020

My latest Puppet Commission

I thought you might like to see my latest puppet creation.

Hes a very large hand puppet, using hand sculpted and stitched techniques.

My client asked that I make her husband a Topov , from Pipkins inspired puppet. Obviously I didnt want to make one the same, but to capture the essence of him, in my style.

She was very happy with him and so was I.

 It was very sad to see him go, but hes very happy in his new home.

It took me quite a while to design the pattern and get it how I wanted it, but now I have the pattern, I can make more when required.

Wishing everyone a really lovely weekend


Wednesday 24 June 2020

Lots of new cruelty free products

I have quite a range now, in my Etsy shop. Of organic cruelty free products with free postage in the uk and cheap postage worldwide.

The first image below is of my lovely tea tree and nettle shampoo bar. Its kind to your hair and can also be used on your dogs and horses ! A 2oz bar, that is priced to sell at 2.95

Here we have one of my favourite soaps, its the lavender cleansing bar. Very kind on your skin and organic and cruelty free.
Also priced at 2.95, with free postage again.

The Artisans hand balm is very popular and is good for any dry skin patches. Organic and cruelty free and priced at 5.95, in a handy metal re useable tin. With free postage to the uk again .

My best seller has been the organic, antibacterial soap. It does the job, but is kind to your skin.
Also 2.95 with free postage.

And finally is the lip balm made with organic vitamin E  oil, also in a reusable tin , free postage, at 3.95

I have really enjoyed making these during lockdown and the range is continually growing and evolving, its been a real pleasure and has kept me busy.

I hope you like them xxx

Friday 8 May 2020

New Dolls

 Firstly I hope everyone is happy and well, I have been super busy with orders and my beeswax range has also taken off. For which I am all very grateful , but I found time to make three dolls for the etsy shop.
 I hope you like them. They are a joy to make and fun, but they do go quickly. There are a lot of new items in the online shop, so do check them out when you get time.
Sending you lots of love and light during these unusual times xxx

Wednesday 15 April 2020

Working through the lockdown....

Im still busy working with my son on the youtube account with free workshops, but that should be available to you all very soon.

But Ive also managed to come up with some new bits for the etsy shop and have started adding downloadable patterns.

 Theres a very easy rabbit pattern which people are really enjoying making.

I hope you are all coping and staying well xxx

Monday 6 April 2020

Black Beeswax.....

Ive really enjoyed working with beeswax this spring and especially the black beeswax and cinnamon ornaments.
Heres a selection of what Ive come up with so far, but a few more in the pipeline coming this week.

I hope youre all busy creating. Ive had amazing weather here in Wales so far, its really helped during lockdown. I hope you've had it too .