Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Ruth Brown "If I Can't Sell It..." live television appearance 1989

What a fantastic song , sent to me by a dear friend, you all will enjoy this, soo good, great Ruth Brown :)


Debra said...

Oh my.....I just have to tell you I've been looking at your web site and read it all-how absolutely lovely!!!! The old photos are wonderful-but your work!!!!!I'm speechless! really-it's wonderful, and how right you are-do what you love....I can see that in your work...
To answer your question on my blog-I'm afraid I don't sell outside of the US. My own fault I guess~little bit scared of packages being lost....But your comment was SO very appreciated-just want to hug you!!!

Deborah Darling said...

thats ok, i do understand, I totally love your work too, its gorgeous, thank you so much for your comments here, they are also very much appreciated and its so lovely to have a lovely new friend via the web and blogg, have a beautiful happy and creative day Debra, love and thanks always xxx