Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Lets be inspired by ............................. Mermaids.

This is the first of my series of lets be inspired by, today I will be looking at the many different forms of the mermaid. Quite a magical and mystical character, that has been depicted in many forms, lets have a look see.....

Here we have her used in advertising on the bases of fishing line, I think.

Here we have her with two tails and up to mischief  :)

The Lovely Miranda film above with Glynis Jones, playing the perfect mermaid ( these are super funny and brilliant films, even by todays standards, still available on dvd )

Heres a sketch, almost like a coat of arms of some sort.

Here we have some beautiful modern art, where the photographer has captured a marine biologist at her work, quite beautiful and also mermaid like :)

A rare appearance of a male merman, and rather handsome he is too!

Beautiful art nouveau style here with a bevvie of beauties .

A rather fantastic old black and white photograph, gorgeous !

A nice medievil depiction here.

A very stylish oriental interpretation .

 More of the wonderful very nautical black and whites.

John Waterhouse's masterpiece, which I have seen in the flesh and is stunning !

and a beautiful more modern drawing here.

and my favourite of them all ,Woman Fish, rather folk art and whimsical.

Next week, I shall choose something else to be inspired by,

thanks for tuning in,

Deborah xxx

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Dottie Dollie said...

I love the medieval mermaid! Quite fancy making one too, just need more hours in the day :)