Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Whats happening with our parcels ?????

I hate to be a moaning minnie , but today I feel so frustrated with my postal system, I am having so many parcels not reach destination, or being returned :(

Now dont get me wrong I love my local postie like nothing else, but the problem seems to be when the packages go off to be sorted etc.

Its gotten so bad, that now I have to send everything out by recorded delivery- signed for service, which makes it very expensive, even though second classe is expensive before we start !

Is this a cunning plan by royal mail, to make me spend more and send them this way ?? I am joking, but in reality I am not , as these last to months, about 60 percent of my parcels sent out have had to be replaced or still havent landed :(

I am therefore thinking of investing in my own team of sturdy ravens for small packages, and then using horse and carts, pegasus and a husky team to get the larger stuff out as this would appear to be more reliable.

moan, moan, winge, winge, moan and sigh........

The End   ;)


MadBirdDesignsUK said...

Oh dear! It could be a language problem, so many different languages and not English. It is also a staffing problem, turnover is huge, and knowing my own posties well Royal Mail work conditions and terms are not Royal! Sadly I have found far better service from alternative providers. Their service comes with door to door tracking as standard. Also volume and insufficient capability to deal with that volume leads to some staff just not caring. We are between the proverbial rock and hard place on this as we now buy so much product on line. Hope things improve. x Joan

the woolly dog said...

That's worrying! are they in this country or abroad? I've not sold much recently (keeping a low profile because of moving) so can't compare, but have just found out about http://www.collectplus.co.uk/send as I had to use them to send my kindle back and it seems really good! x

Crazyhound said...

Oh no, so sad to read that this is still going on. It looks like you will have to look elsewhere. Maybe this link will give you some useful contacts for UK service providers
What a shame that Royal Mail can't walk the talk.