Saturday, 31 August 2019

Bronwyn, the tall welshdoll.

Heres Bronwyn, my large/tall welsh doll that Ive just listed on my etsy shop.

Here are a few photos so you can all see how I made her.

Shes a primitive style doll, and shes made with natural fibres.

I pay attention to detail,you can really see that better if you ever meet any of my dolls in person.

In the welsh doll series all the materials come from Wales, most are antique, but we are so lucky to have a fully working old woollen mill nearby, which I support by also buying fabric from them.

I like the fingers on this doll, they may look messy to some, but I wanted them to look old fashioned and primitive, like that, all hand stitched, like early pioneers may of made.

Have a great weekend and Happy Sewing !!


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