Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Jason Loh and his magical garden......

I really wanted to show you this gorgeous garden designed by Jason Loh, he was at the NEC Gardeners live show and it was by far the best garden of all.

A stunning design, Jason explained how the theme was running, moving tidal waters, representing how we reach our goals, or destinations in life.

It took him 16 days to lay the pathway alone, making careful selection with every stone that he placed and in the white chalk he used for the ocean spray.

It was a masterpiece and reminded me of a Van Gogh  painting....

He also used 30 year old bonsai  .

He very kindly invited us in to walk along the pathway, we were very lucky to be allowed to do so. I opted to photograph the event, but you can see my daughter and son enjoying the experience.

The japanese style summer house was also an inspiration and the river of stones flowed beautifully through it.

Here is Jason Loh himself, also the nicest exhibitor there too :)

The theme of shifting waters, also runs through the wall , in the gazebo.

Another close up.....wowzas !!!

It is, as you can see simply beautiful !

Thank you Jason ! You made my day and needless to say everyone elses who saw your garden, it is an inspration and a masterpiece !

Here is the link to Jasons website where you can contact him or see more of his amazing work

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