Friday, 6 June 2014

Birmingham Botanical Gardens.....

The next time you are in the beautiful city of birmingham, please take time out to find the beautiful botanical gardens of birmingham, just 20 minutes walk from the centre.

You will be amazed at whats there and beauty therein.........

Let me show you around.....

Firstly I was most impressed to see that they have a butterfly room, where one can not only see butterflies, but also them emerging from there crysalis.

Below is one of the owl butterflies...

Also I could not believe the massive bunches of bananas on the banana tree---i wanted to try one .

There were alot of friendly koi carp fish in the pond of one of the hot houses, I had several very nice conversations with them, very handsome fellows indeed .

We were fortunate to see an amazing collection of bonsai, these were stunning and a great fete of achievement by their creators and carers.

absolutely enchanting !

so delicate and remarkable..

Needless to say, I wanted these too !

Everyone a masterpiece....

We were quite thirsty at this point so we decided to take our tea and cake on the terrace  :)

From here we could see the lovely and well used band stand, where bands play on every sunday for all to enjoy .

The avairy is massive and very ornamental, rising up like a taj mahal .

I was very taken with the many different plants there, especially this cactus outside bed, which was very pleasing.

They even had an auricula theatre, with many dainties enclosed, but this was my favourite .

Inside the aviary  were some lovely birds, they all seemed very happy and well cared for.

Another impressive sight was this mighty cactus in the cactus house.

And yes , how I love this dovecote !! Set in the trees .....

Here is the gardeners tool shed..... hmm maybe I could live in there ??

Look at this !!! How perfectly sweet is this building, it is the gardeners college, set in the grounds.

Here are two flowers of my very own :) My eldest daughter Liberty is a gardener there, if you can remember she used to be at Hidcote Manor Gardens, but is now here, learning more everyday, I am so proud of her. She has been chosen to exhibit a garden design at the gardeners world show, follow her blog here

And then the trees, everyone knows that the trees will listen to you if you talk to them, and I often do.

There are many fine trees here at the birmingham botanical gardens...

A rather fabulous red brick house with chimneys to die for is situated next door, I would imagine at one time, it had something to do with the gardens perhaps ??

A close up, from a friend of the scabia  family.

Once upon a time, there was a pretty artisans cottage, set amidst the gardens ....

With a very sweet and desirable summer house, to sit and read in.....

With a very suitable door and windows, to sit and paint in ( wishful thinking ! )

Even the windows were protected........

and in the garden was a huge tree , with the most aromatic climbing roses, with a lovers seat beneath.

I love Bark, and there were so many barks, all beautiful in their own way.

Lots of leafy tree lined paths....

Iris's that looked like a painting.....

The water gardens blew my socks off !!

A very nice place to place pooh sticks .

I really approve of hostas and I used to collect them, and it reminded me of the fact that I need to again.

The flowers are lovely, even though it was a dark overcast day, they gave such vibrant colour.

Like sweets in a sweet shop.

They have very vast and large gunnera, and my daughter is very tall, so you can get the picture :)

No garden is complete with out its resident cat, here is  Marley, although I was told that he does belong to the vicar, but prefered to spend his time at the botanical gardens---I dont blame him !

The aviaries are massive and ornate.

I became besotted with a very small person wearing a cloak of feathers, he said he was called, Harvey. I am in love with him and have promised to come back soon and plan our life together ......  :)

So many pathways, that are inviting and a joy to tread.

The band stand and the hot houses....

and a final glimpse at a very suitable antique gazebo , that had been very kindly donated.

Now all I need to do, is to plant myself in the herb garden and hope no one notices I am there !!

Do make a note to visit it next time you are in birmingham city, you wont be disapointed, I promise !


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