Sunday, 29 June 2014

Foxgloves in the forest.........

If you take a right turn, down by the green velvet tree, you will see ...............

an abundance of beauty !

I have never seen as many foxgloves as these, amidst the trees and fern..........

and they can be seen for a few miles.

Its become my favourite daily walk of late.

I want to enjoy, every purple hue....

until they fade and spread there glorious seed.

Such a lovely combination!

A bountiful display of beauty, lining the pathways and the distance.

Our walk always takes longer, as its hard to leave such an amazing sight .

Bunny and Mr Finn enjoying the splendor of it all.

I can just see Mr Finn in there !

But its time to go home now......

I hope you enjoyed the stroll !  :)

x x x

1 comment:

v said...

i truly did!! thank you for sharing : )

thank you so much for the heart warming comment you wrote me at my blog. Your words made me very very happy dear Deborah.