Friday, 2 August 2013

The Bug hotel that we made...................

Here we have the bug hotel that Finn and I made, I think it turned out rather well and we used up alot of bits and bobs that were available around the garden.

We made the original structure from two small pallets that interlocked with each other, then we got busy with the filling up of the motel. We chose a nice spot under a large laurel tree, which is shady and full of little creatures......

Here we have my little man Finn admiring his handy work :) He used old plant pots, pipes, leaves and even two used cans, filling them with old leaves etc, so he even helped tidy the garden too, without realising it !

Here he is adding the finishing touch, a rather nice shell, we also gathered old bark for the roof, and as you can see he is thoroughly delighted with it !

The pugs were terribly busy too, whilst it was all kicking off......... lol !

As a mum of four I have grown used to seeing fairy houses being built every spring, but I think the bug hotel will now be a definate new ritual on our garden calendar.

p.s. the hotel is already filling up with clients !!

Why not have a go at making your on this weekend, I would love to see what you come up with ,
have a great weekend ! 



the woolly dog said...

What a great thing for them to do, think I'll stick to the birds though... Wow, Finn has the most amazing head of hair really stunning!

lemonade kitty said...

That's a great idea both for the kids to build and the bugs to live in. What a handsome son you have and the doggies are gorgeous aswell, xx

Deborah Darling said...

Thank you both, Finn is a sweetie, hes my youngest of four, he likes his curly head of hair :)The bug hotel is filling up nicely and Mr Finn tends to it regularly. The dogs are also catching up with their beauty sleep on a regular basis ! lol ! xxxx