Friday, 23 August 2013

Give Thanks ......

 I am always very grateful to my customers, and their love of what I do .

Its always lovely to hear from them and also see where my creations live.

Heres the big bunny canvas made with recycled magazines, during my residency at the museum.

 Its here in a very special young ladies bedroom and how nice it looks. ( I think he is very happy in his new abode !)

I just wanted to say thankyou to you all so much.

Have a beautiful bank holiday weekend everyone xXx


Naomi Novella said...

What a gorgeous bunny! Have a nice holiday!

Deborah Darling said...

Thank You Naomi, you have a beautiful holiday too ! :) xxx

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

a woman of many talents. How delightful your bunny is! A novel treatment.

Deborah Darling said...

Thankyou :) xxx