Saturday, 25 May 2013

Wax Dolls at the Museum of Childhood in Gallery 8

I thought it would be nice to talk about the wax dolls at the museum , who are part of the exhibition that I have curated, we have many fine examples throughout the museum, and its vast collection, but these are the three beauties from storage that I chose to display .

First is the immaculate wax christmas fairy , who I dont believe has ever been used, she really is in the most amazing condition.

Even Her clothing is perfect.

Below is my favourite wax pour over doll, she really is a very large doll, who has been loved very much. The cracks on her face are due to temperature changes, during her lifetime and where her adventures have taken her . Whether it be in a nursery, or stashed in an attack. This doll has truly been loved and still is by me !

I especially love the beautiful clothing, stunning little tucks and a pretty fine print cotton, all lovingly hand sewn.

I also love that pink tint to her cheeks, she really is a beauty.

And last but by no means least is this sweet wax pour over doll, who has been loved so much, that the wax is barely there any more. Some people find her a little scary, but look deeper and you will see a doll that has stood the test of time and has been loved from one generation to the next.

I think it would really be something if these little women could tell us their tales.

They truly are very special little ladies and if you are able to ever visit the museum of childhood in Derbyshire,  I can guarantee that you will be utterly delighted with its inhabitants

Have a great bank holiday weekend !!


MadBirdDesignsUK said...

Love these dolls. I have a Christmas Fairy she is 55 this year. You have reminded me I promised her a new dress, her teddy friends told me she had been whinging. x Joan

viv sliwka said...

What a rare treat and privilege to see these amazing dolls D. Thank you xxx

Deborah Darling said...

Thank you girls :) its always lovely to share these lovely dolls with you, especially the poor little souls who spend most of their time in storage :) lots more soon, as I think they enjoy the extra attention too ! :) xxx

The Old Pretenders said...

Hi Deborah: David and Paul here from The Old Pretenders. Thank you for the nice compliment on our latest doll / blog entry. We appreciate it. Would love to talk with you more about the English woodens you have worked with. We get some amazing and rare examples here as well. We both have been to and love the museum of childhood.
Send us a e-mail sometime. The e-mail address is on our blog.
Best Wishes; David & Paul

the woolly dog said...

What a lovely post, the first two dolls are pretty and you're right I thought the last doll was a little scary, but when you look she has sad eyes.♥