Monday, 3 June 2013

Museum Monday----Bert the paper mache Gallery 8 Sudbury Hall

Bert the whale was a joy to make with the children that visited me in gallery 8, he is made from an old box, a very large one ,and lots of old national trust magazines plus undiluted pva.

I cut out a large card background and then got the children to help me scrunch up large pieces of paper and stick them onto the card. Then we used strips of paper ontop to give him his finish and the marvellous pva. 

We also used an additional piece of card covered in paper strips for his tail and finn.

Here he is on the wall secured by velcro--he is very , very sweet and a big favourite with all the children that visit :)  Have a go at home or in classe, always feel free to email me for the full instructions etc, I am always happy to help and to see your projects developed, have a wonderful creative time !

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