Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Joyous be the month of May !!

Its been a beautiful day here, filled with glorious sunshine and such a great way to start May.
Whilst sorting through my images I came across these photos of pigs that I took last May, who lived at Hidcote Manor. I especially like pigs and they like me, mostly because I always bring them apples. I love the way they enjoy the sunshine in such a decadent way and smile defiantly ..


the woolly dog said...

How strange that we should both be thinking about pigs, I have a lovely photo ready for Friday's blog wish I knew how to send it in this message...

Deborah Darling said...

I think about pigs alot :)
They are both whimsical and intelligent and I very pleasing to the eye. I shall go and look at your blog, and await your pigs . I seem to have an afinity with pigs, I have yet to meet one that isnt friendly. ( I expect they can smell the tea and cake ! ) xXx