Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Reflection...... a regency style xmas at Sudbury Hall and the museum of childhood.

 As its the new year, I was just sorting out the images and photos that I had taken on my pc and found these super ones of Sudbury Halls Christmas in the regency style and thought that you all might enjoy seeing them, so here goes.

Above and below are the dinning room, all laid out in its finery, including a white sugar paste nativity scene, that has been part of a tradition at sudbury, for generations. Its wonderful that it can still be seen every xmas and that it is made by faithful volunteers. Its far too beautiful to eat !
 Even the candles are lovely, and to those of you who have never visited the hall, I do urge you to do so, as I have visited many national trust properties and this one is absolutely beautiful and although not so large as others, it definately is very ornate and feminine, and very well loved. ( I am so lucky to have my residency there ! )
 Here is the large fireplace, with regency style festivity. This fireplace is MASSIVE ! Although it doesnt seem so in the above photograph, but you have a better idea when you look at the photo below, as to scale. But what I can say is that most of us would only reach our heads to the top of the fire opening, no way near the mantle, by a few feet !
 Isnt that table gorgeous with its floral display, and heavenly scented too !!
You can just see its ice cream pink walls  of the room, and the ornate fire grate and the huge brass fire dogs.
 The staircase at sudbury, is a rare and dazzling creature, every step a heavenly experience-- and so are the ceilings. Heavily iced with stunning mouldings  that frame the beautiful artwork within. ( I promise to take more photos of the staircase in spring, as there is so much beauty there that must be seen )
 Another fireplace, with its elaborate mantle clock and mirror and ofcourse mouldings, its beauty enhanced by the scented citrus fruits and evergreen delight, of the floral displays...
 I love how this photograph turned out, just like a painting. This was taken in the music room, where even the piano is treated to a gem of red and white roses for the festive time of year.
 Here is the cast iron range, in the kitchen where the servants had there christmas, and as you can see the family of sudbury were kind to their workers and treated them to the same finery and joy, as they themselves appreciated.
 I absolutely love the table full of sweets, and how it is laid out .

Here is a table there too, full of cold meats, game, pate, eggs, ham and pies......
and I really want that pine table, with handy storage underneath !!!
All in all, it must of been a well loved family home, as there seems to be plenty of heart within these walls of Sudbury :)

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Mary Ann said...

What a beautiful house....thank you for the tour:)