Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Free Pattern for Total Nutters Knitted Headband !

This head band is for the insane crafters amongst us only, who dont mind what we look like :) not advised for the faint of heart ....


AND YOUR FINGERS TO FINGER CROCHET THE BONKERS FLOWER--in a bonkers way ofcourse ! OR A 10mm or 15MM CROCHET HOOK--WHATEVER IS TO HAND.....a small child or a spare fairy might do the trick.......


This warming head band takes less than an hour to make, so stand well back and light the touch paper......

With 15mm needles cast on 6 sts.
rib 4 rows, 9 thats knit 1 , Purl 1 )
then on the next row increase 1 stitch at each end of row (and continue in rib )and continue increasing one stitch at each end of every second row until you have 14sts--but all the time keeping the rib pattern correct.

Now work straight for 5 more rows in rib,( thats no increasing ! )

then dec one stitch at each end of next row ( 12 sts)
and continue in rib --decreasing one stitch at each end of every second row until you have 6 sts left,
rib four rows straight
and cast off.

pop it around your head to check for fit and sew up accordingly with an over stitch :)


for the bonkers-almost cabbage like flower, I  finger crocheted, but you could happily use a 15mm crochet hook or near to that, a 10 mm hook would do, used loosely.

make a chain of about forty and treble in to each, cast off.
then spiral around into the desired shap and stitch onto head band in the desired place.

Please Note--

This pattern is for fun , so let your creative minds flow and be free with it--share it, make things, sell things , do what you want to, but most of all be happy and have fun !!

love and hugs always xXx

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