Monday, 15 December 2014

Dachsies on Wheels in the shop....... and more!

Ok Lovelies heres the latest in the etsy shop, a rather nice White christmas dachsie on wheels called Crystal....

Quite a posh pooch !!

I like the tiny bells for berries on her collar...

then theres wee Boots, hes a rascal, dashing here and there !

Here we have Sooty, hes a lovely Dachsie, but he does like to roll in the mud, so be warned !

Next is Tiddles, the terrier.....

Theres nothing he wont do for a biscuit !

Did someone say biscuit ?????

I dont Tiddle any more, only when I was a wee pup :)

finally I added some rather nice dachsie bunting, but I can make whatever you desire into bunting !

next will be bunnies and bears later in the week !


x x x