Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Thoughts of wool and the masks we wear.....

It really is knitting time isnt it, finally the nights are drawing in, its cooler and the fires are crackling.

So I thought I would tickle you all with a few fabulous images of wool, vintage and current, lets kick start with this vintage beauty and with Halloween just around the corner...if the face fits , wear it ! :)

Also this giant knitted sock monkey by a lady in america , really puts a twist on the whole thing, rather funny, although I dont think I will be knitting one of these soon.

This is rather brilliant , by a designer  in london , I do like this knitted cyclops head warmer, and am tempted to make one.....

I think these loose crochet panties are beautiful, even if only for a photo shoot, this one inspires us all to do more free form work..... and to lay off the chocolates ! :)

I totally love this vintage pattern for a kids balaclava, with a clown on the back !! Just the thing for Halloween.

I like the way that you can knit yourself a smile, like the artist here has done :)

Heres another one of the clown balaclavas !! I would love this pattern if anyone out there has it !

and let us not forget that we can always knit for our trees if the kids and family really have had enough of our knitting :)

and all the rage a onesie.....a knitted onesie !!

another talented artists approach to the balaclava.

I hope these images have tickled your knitting taste budds or just make you smile :)

I am still busy making my troop of marrionettes, but am finding time now to make smaller things to update etsy with, including lil knits. But lots more posts coming again soon,

Happy Knitting !



Debbie Nolan said...

Dear Deborah - these are all so cute and they did make me smile. I hope you are having a delightful day. The snow may be flying before we know it and we will be glad for some masks!

Deborah Darling said...

Yes and christmas is approaching very quickly isnt it ! eek, I have alot to do :) I am happy you liked the post, I thought they were funny and thought that I must share. I hope you have a superb week ahead xxx