Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Helen Pringle Doll for sale.

After much consideration I have decided to sell my beloved Helen Pringle doll, Obedience Fairchild, she has lived with us for 6 years now and we love her dearly, so why am I selling her, I hear you cry ! ?

Well I love Helens work and have really enjoyed looking at this doll, but she is very large and quite a museum piece and I feel she is a little wasted now we have moved to a much smaller home. She deserves to be seen by more people in her life.

At one point I was hoping to create a museum, but that is not the case now.

Also my dream to have the puppet troop completed is an expensive task, as I still have to work and make things to sell along side that reality, as I self fund myself in all that I do. So the money from the sale of this doll will go into paying for materials to build the mobile puppet theatre.

Before I list her on ebay, I thought I would give my friends here on blog land first refusal, and I also think its nice when you know where your precious ones are going , to good homes :) So if you think you are interested and would like more details on buying her, please contact me on,


have a great day !

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Susan McMahon said...

She's a lovely girl - Hope you find a good home form her!

Susan McMahon said...

*for* her!

Deborah Darling said...

She is lovely isnt she :) I love her and shes lovely to study too :) I would like to keep her too , but I really need to push on with the puppet theatre and I feel she is shut away here when she could be part of a very impressive display. Its hard, like parting with a child ! :) x

antiquedolls said...

Hi Deborah, I am hoping you can help me determine a value on a Helen Pringle Fairychildren boy doll from 1994. His name is Aaron Fairchild. So adorable! I purchased him in a lot of antique cloth dolls. Thanks for any help. Vicki