Tuesday, 29 July 2014

1950's Inspired still life.....

Here we have another in my affordable art series, about to go onto etsy now.
I thought it would be fun to make a painting evocative of those wonderful floral fifties fabrics of bunches of flowers, that were commonplace in the 1950's, I have enjoyed it very much. Quite a joyful project.

I am passionate about making affordable art, so that everyone can have the chance of owning something original, it makes me feel good, and makes my job as an artist feel more worthy.

More posts coming soon, with the new etsy makes , I am now focused on keeping that etsy shop well stocked, so fingers crossed I can keep organised and keep on .

Have a beautiful day, and take time out to smell those flowers :)



Debra said...

A gorgeous painting! I love your etsy shop too!!!
~Let me know when Miss Humphrey the doll arrives~I sent her off yesterday-with another little surprise-hope everyone arrives safely!

Deborah Darling said...

Oh thank you soooo much, she will be most treasured, I will pop her on my blogg when she lands, bless you Debra, have a beautiful weekend, and thank you again xxx