Monday, 29 July 2013

Give away time ........ announcing the winner of a bear tommorrow !!!

The finishing line is in sight !!!

Yes you might win a lovely Big Red fishing bear, all you need to do is to be following my facebook Deborah Darling Artist page ( the link is on the side ) or following me on here via blogger.

I promise to pop you all in the hat and anounce the winner tommorrow night, so if you would like a chance of winning him, sign up. Fingers crossed for you all, I wish I had a bear to give each and everyone of you !

Love and thanks

Miss Darling xxx


the woolly dog said...

Gordon Bennet I can't be the only one whose spotted today's giveaway! thank you for the likedin invite Deborah but I don't belong and I'm not on facebook either, blogland and pintrest seem to have swallowed too much time as it is, can't remember the last time I made something she says guiltily... x

Deborah Darling said...

your welcome sweetheart and I quite understand ! :) the tinternet is quite addictive. I have my fingers crossed for you ! xxxxxxxxx

MadBirdDesignsUK said...

OMGoodness I'm on FB and Blog :-)Two goes, two goes. What that's cheating I hear you say???????????

Little Dotty Bird said...

Well helllooo there lovely...oh yes please do count me in! I already follow you over in FB land but I'm also a blogger girl so would love to follow you here too!..hmm that doe sound a tad stalky though!? Anyways...fingers crossed! I've shared on FB but I'll do a little post on it too xx

Gill said...

Count me in please!
I don't do FB but I follow you here!

Deborah Darling said...

good luck lovelies !! and I try to do a give away every month, so one day you will all win something ! :) xxx