Monday, 19 November 2012

Tiny Calico doll 1785...........

 Here is the sweetest little callico doll, no taller than 6 inches and her head is smaller than your thumb. She is a homage to the hand made and beautiful in every way.
 She was made in 1785 and given to a little girl called Martha, look at her beautiful hand drawn prim features.
 Her clothes are stunning too, heres a beautiful pin tucked translucent ensemble to die for.
You can see her at the Museum of Childhood, the national trusts, at Sudbury Hall, Derbyshire--she is one of many dolls donated to the museum by Betty Cadbury. I will be photographing and featuring many dolls from the museum and using them to inspire me further in my makings, so stay tuned and have a happy Monday !


Dixie Redmond said...

She is wonderful.

Tin Chapel Textiles said...

Yes thankyou,I thought you would like her Dixie :) I am going to get her out of the cabinet next week and have a close look at her and make a pattern of her if possible and share it on maida :0) I think shes lovely too.