Sunday, 5 June 2016

The scent of summer....

It's been a busy and exciting year, but a lovely one. I am getting back to my blogging, finally, and what a glorious summer we are having. The heavy scent of the white lilacs , roses and mock orange blossom are alll around us.
Long may it continue :)
I am gardening like a mad thing and making fancy gins, what are you all up to ?


Debra said...

I LOVE your lilac-so fluffy! Mine don't look that pretty. I also love the scent of mock orange-oh how I love it! My grandma had a bush that I always loved-so the smell takes me way back to being a child and being with my grandparents.
For art I am trying to learn watercolors-but I admit to being drawn outdoors and getting my hands in the dirt!

Sarah Hawkings said...

Hi Deborah

What a lovely summer we are having, you are so right.

I am chasing my tail trying to stitch and do all the houseworky things ....
I need to calm down and go out and smell the scents of summer .. thank you for the reminder.

Sarah xx