Saturday, 4 July 2015

The Case of the Missing Tortoise....

About two weeks ago I noticed a post on Facebook, about an owner who had lost her beloved tortoise. I reposted it a few times , and really hoped they would be reunited.

The tortoise went missing in the St Dogmaels Poppit sands area and had been missing for ten days :(

We often do a very large walk from St dogmaels to poppit, but climb to the highest point and then descend to the sea, it's a hard climb but the view is amazing. It takes two hours there and two hours back. We usually spend about three hours walking the beach and drinking tea :) when we land.

It was on our walk back home, that I noticed something very large moving and I just stared, I couldn't believe it ! My son said what is it and I ran down the lane to gather the creature in my arms, as I knew it was the Missing African tortoise :)

With the help of some lovely local people, I found out who her owner was and where, and we walked to her home. She was a very, very heavy tortoise :)

It was a real joy to reunite her with her delightful owner, who had had her for years.

We felt happy and blessed.

Here is Lara, the runaway tortoise :)



Valerie H. said...

Debbie to the rescue! Good job!

Deborah Darling said...

she was a very large beautiful tortoise too :) xxx