Friday, 23 January 2015

New critters in esty land

There's alot of rabbit goodness going on here at the moment, we have very large ones, smaller girly ones and even some sitting on broaches for you to wear.
It's that time of year, and there's many more on the sewing table.
We have had some lovely weather of late, so a wee bit of gardening is happening, but more of that later :)
Happy days :)


Tina Gilmore said...

So gorgeous Deborah, i love the dutch bunny, so cute. Hope you're well x

Yve said...

Cute, you've been jolly busy ;o) The weather down that end of Wales must be very different to us here in the North, covered in snow since Boxing day... it just melts to freeze and start again... actually not that cold though :o)

Deborah Darling said...

hello Tina, thank you yes I am doing well again now and busy making :) i enjoyed making the dutch bunny, something different for a change and the felting gives them such a gentle soft face, like that of a bunny, hugs to you Tina xxx

Deborah Darling said...

Hi Yve, yes I am desparately working hard to master the etsy shop and give it the attention this year as well as making the puppets, i need to update my membership to maida, but please send me the email with the art of doll details, i really want to be a part of it. So pleased to be part of it, you are so gifted with your dolls.Yes the weather here is fab and the benefits to living on the top of a wee mountain, is that bad weather quickly blows away and the salty air means the snow melts very quickly. yesterday was like a sunny autumn day, so at least i could make a start on the garden :) keep warm lovely x

Valerie H. said...

Adorable! xo