Monday, 16 December 2013

Happy Christmas 2013 : Jingle Bears

See these wonderful bears that have been rescued and do keep an eye open in 2014 when I will be hosting an array of fabulous events to raise money for them and other rescue bears --Enjoy !


anniebeez said...

Lovely!!! Thank you for that!

the woolly dog said...

Do they ever get put back into the wild do you know? or is it too dangerous for them, as they may be captured and misused again? What a fantastic thing to support, do let us all know when you are fundraising again. Hope you have a lovely Christmas. xx

Deborah Darling said...

no they dont go back into the wild, but they have a great life at the centre. the really sad thing is that they are taken as tiny babies and put into wire dog crates, which they spend their whole life in and NEVER COME OUT. they also have a cetherta inserted , which never gets taken out either and they are fitted with a metal jacket, which stays on for life too. The really horrifying thing is that alot of the bears, like Oliver Bear, my favourite bear, have spent 30 years of their life like that, never coming out of their cage and permanently having bile extracted. He was thirty when they rescued him. his body long and flat due to the metal jacket, and cathetas have to be surgically removed due to them being in grown after all those years. But the beautiful and amazing thing is that he has had 3 happy years of smelling fresh air and actually living. Bear bile has been proven to cure alot of cancers etc, but it can be synthetically reproduced, so there is no need for this barbaric cruelty. But the main thing is we all need to read our labels closely, alot of folks dont realise what they are putting in there bodies. I know lovely ladies who take hrt , there a brand called mareton, and its extracted from pregnant horses in the states :( its going on all over the world, not just china, so please read your labels lovely ladies and google if you dont know. I never take manufactured medicine, only herbal medicine. I am just so happy that these sweet bears are having a lovely happy ending , heres to helping more of them in 2014. Have a wonderful christmas ladies and thanks for watching this lovely happy video, I will let you know about my big fundraising event very soon :)
lots of love to you all always

Deborah Darling said...

p.s. they have so many health issues and deformities when rescued and restored back to health, after alot of surgery, that they cant go back into the wild and yes, they are still being hunted and used, buts lots of chinese people are against this too and their numbers are growing in support xxx