Thursday, 14 November 2013

Make your own Dachsie on wheels ...............

Make Your Own Dachsie on Wheels Workshop
In Derbyshire on november the 30th, a very christmas affair  crackling fire, mince pies and lovely lunch included. Go home with your own lovely Dachsie, after having had a really fun and happy day creatiung him/her. ( Or you can always inbox me and buy one ready made ! lol ! ) Cost for the workshop is 45 pounds all in, or buy a doglet ready made for 40 pounds :)

Happy Making 

Email me on  for booking or purchasing details :)


lemonade kitty said...

If only I lived a little nearer....sigh. x

Deborah Darling said...

i will be doing some in gloucestershire in the new year if this helps :) xxx

Mama Macaroonie said...

He is so adorable!