Sunday, 28 April 2013

Lovely Dutch Dolls at the museum of childhood.........

As some of you know, I like to make these woodens dolls myself sometimes, but I never fail to be impressed by the originals, and here at sudbury hall we have some real beauties. Heres the first in a series of them that I will be documenting on here.

She has a wonderful smocked dressed and detail.

I am loving the blue cord contrast, belt around her tiny waist.

A beautiful painted and well worn, with love, face.


Dottie Dollie said...

She's gorgeous! We have a couple in the Hollytrees museum in town, I could look at them for hours.....Love her dress, does she have lots of undies too?

Deborah Darling said...

Hello Lovely, she has alot of thin calico petticoats, and some thin bloomers ! I always like to check underneath :) Interestingly enough, whilst photographing and investigating one of the queen annes here at the museum, ( you can find the images in an older posting for her) I found that those dolls had amazing clothes, even boned corsets, petticoats etc, but never any knickers ! I think in those days that the clothing was so vast and so layered, that they really saw no need for them, and it must of been a night mare visiting the wc :)xXx