Sunday, 30 December 2012

Little Reds New World.........

Here is Little Red, one of my favourite creations, in a photo that he sent to me full of christmas cheer , in his email to me :0)

He has a super new life and lives in a beautiful place, just at the end of the rainbow, under the stardust and nestled in the silver lining, in a place called, Bamptonia.........

There he has many friends, lots of them rabbity, some of them quirky, and all of them just beautiful !!

Heres the link to Bamptonia, bamptopia !! They have a super new blogg and a cutsie etsy shop too, so we can all have a bit of bamptopia in our lives !!

p.s. Little Red also wanted me to tell you that Bamptonia, also make and made his super felt, festive antlers and I bet they will be making bunny ears for easters too !! (I think I will order myself a pair, as well as the other little creations in my life ! )

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