Friday, 30 April 2010

whats it all about then.........................

Well here I am, nearly forty something, and wondering whats it all about then.............

It seems that biscuits, bunting and babies, somes up the various highlights, that one looks for, with oodles of fabric, wool and creating along the way.

For me a constant searching for one individual thing that will fill my life up and make me whole , does not exist. I delight in many things. the growing of seeds into plants and produce, the growth and developement of ones kids---no matter how they turn out !!!! The smell of home baked bread, and spreading jam on the centre of a victoria sponge cake !!! The freckles on my kids faces, and the giggles that they make------ What more could one ask for ???

I suppose having lots of money does have its obvious advantages, but what is there to delight in if you can have anything you want?? I feel that being creative in all that we do and the make do and mend approach far more rewarding .

So all though I am not a conventional Goddess, I am sure of one thing-- that I am truly blessed and grateful for being me.

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