Thursday, 25 June 2009

ribbon and wool.

Here is a great idea I want to share with you. Pictured is a cropped cardigan knitted in Debbie Bliss's luxury tweed,--instead of using a traditional button to fasten up I have threaded large ribbon through the kneckline and created a ribbon tie !!! Easy-peasy!! Go on have a go, or if you dont have time email me and i can knit one to order--Happy Knitting!!

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jo.holopainen said...

Lovely to meet you the other day, I am so inspired after talking to you that my head is spinning with ideas !! Family life has brought me back down to earth and when we return from our camping holiday I will pursue some of the avenues you helped me realise could be open for me. Have started knitting some bags with the Noro wool too.Will finish one tonight ! God bless you Debbie,
Jo x